Rosewood Mallets

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W1 - The EQ W1 rosewood mallets are ideal for piccolo woodblocks and light toy-like passages such as Ravel's Ma Mere L'Oye.

W2 - The EQ W2 rosewood mallets are ideal for for standard repertoire where the articulation clarity but warmth of wood on wood tone is cherished.

W3 - The EQ W3 rosewood mallets are ideal for a big, round, full, weighted dynamic in repertoire such as Shostakovich Symphony #5 slow movement.

"The (large) rosewood have great weight , balance, and contact sound. If there is enough space in the orchestration for the xylophone, then it is one of my favorite go-to mallets because it produces a warm and big sound that is not harsh or 'ticky.'" - Andrew Reamer, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Duquesne University
"The EQ Rosewood mallets have the crisp clarity that I expect from a xylophone mallet and they also provide a warmth and depth of sound that I haven't found anywhere else. I love these mallets!" - Karin Haringa, freelance percussionist