Rasping Sticks

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The EQ Rasping Sticks are a unique design meant for rubbing ends of marimba and xylophone bars, woodblocks and other instruments of your choice. These spiral grooved sticks are made of premium wood that is softer than rosewood, so your keyboard bars stay protected. You can even lightly tap your marimba bars with these sticks to produce a beautiful light tone. These sticks are ideal for improvisations, as well as the following repertory:

  • Jan Bach – Woodwork (for 4 mallet-keyboard players)
  • Carlos Chavez – Tambuco
  • Pius Cheung - Heaven and Earth (for Percussion Ensemble)
  • Michael Udow – Tennei-Ji (for solo marimba)
  • Michael Udow – Abyss of Time (for Percussion Ensemble and recording)
  • Russell Wharton - Phylogenesis (for solo snare drum and audio)