Glockenspiel Stand

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The new and improved EQ Glock Stand is height adjustable and will fit glockenspiels of almost any size (see below for more details on sizing). The stand is easy to move and can be tilted between 0 and 45 degrees to accommodate any set up, whether it be for an orchestra, pit set-ups or multiple percussion Features now include:

  • Modified height adjustment system. Easy to use and more secure!
  • Spread out weight distribution
  • Lightweight but extremely stable
  • Easy assembly (ships in 4 pieces)
  • Easy glide arm and leg extension
  • Adjustable tilt from 0-45 degrees
  • 3" locking casters


"I love the EQ glock stands! They have been indestructible. The features, particularly height adjustment, have been outstanding and well worth the investment. As I have always purchased very expensive glockenspiels and flight cases to put on the stands, I wanted to feel comfortable with the stand security and stability, especially during travel on trucks and transport within facilities. I always recommend the EQ glock stands to all of my colleagues with great enthusiasm and confidence that they will also get the most durable and flexible product of its kind on the market worldwide."
— Professor Derrick Logozzo, Director of Instrumental Music, Richland College Department of Music; Dallas, Texas
"The glockenspiel stand is ideally suited to symphonic use. Its heavy-duty construction, maneuverability, and hand-crank height adjustment system makes it second to none. With the height adjustment, it's also easy to stack over the xylophone in tight quarters. I highly recommend this product to any band or orchestra!"
— John Shaw, Principal Percussionist, The Florida Orchestra
"I have been pleased to use my stand for the past two years. It is a solid stand, with the most amazing features allowing one to tilt and raise a glock to any height without the slightest worry that it will ever fall off and all with total ease. We use the stand at Tanglewood every summer as well as at the New England Conservatory."
 Frank Epstein, Boston Symphony Orchestra & New England Conservatory
"The Los Angles Philharmonic owns two EQ GS01 height adjustable/tilting glockenspiel stands that are in constant use at Disney Hall. They have also passed the rigorous tests of international tours. They are rugged and easy to adjust.  Our stage hands also like the GS01 and that's really saying something."
— Raynor Carroll, Principal Percussionist, Los Angles Philharmonic


  • GS-02: Full Stand - $1650.00 (45"x33"x15" max extension)
  • GS-02-L: Extended Length Stand - $1725.00 (for instruments wider than 45")